I love training and coaching churches planters to start new churches by making disciples!

Mark 1:12, “And immediately the Spirit impelled Him to go into the wilderness.” (NASB)

In most posts over the past year I’ve tried to include a personal challenge toward missional living and some related posts to read – so today shouldn’t be any different.

I love being part of the Missionary Church! I was initially attracted to their commitment to church planting and world missions.

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples.”

Aligning your life with Jesus’ mission

True, you will find few scholars or leaders in Christian circles who deny that we are supposed to make disciples or apprentices to Jesus and teach them to do all things that Jesus said Jesus’ instructions on this matter are, after all, starkly clear.

If you want to start reproducing, disciplemaking churches, start by training every believer to be a disciplemaking trainer.

Today is a day to honor those who have given their lives for the freedom that we enjoy in America.

Too many church planters might think that a good church has powerful worship, practical teaching, and a great venue.