Every week college-age students gather at our home and we study the Bible together using this SOAP method. Many of the students are journaling during the week. When we come together on Thursday nights, we break into groups to read the passage and reflect on its meaning and application to our lives.

[featured_image]I remember the day very clearly. It was twenty years ago on this date, November 4, 1990, that Lake Hills Community Church was birthed. The week before we had a dress rehearsal in the multi-purpose room at Live Oak Elementary School and 18 people showed up. We were hopeful – but we didn’t have any […]

Do you have a first-gradeunderstanding of leadership?

My colleague David White who serves with OC International in the Philippines has planted churches and trains and coaches church planters. Several years ago he wrote a great book on church planting –

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While on earth, Jesus continually proclaimed the gospel message.

Lake Hills Community Church: 20 Years Ago | missionalchallenge.com

Lake Hills Community Church in Castaic, CA had it’s grand opening worship celebration on November 4, 1990.

Twenty years ago my wife and I partnered together with a few friends to start a new church in Castaic, CA. We were convinced that starting new churches is vital to extending God’s kingdom.

Many years ago I was challenged with the vision of Discipling A Whole Nation. I loved the way that vision flowed out of Christ’s final words to His disciples and the breadth of such a simple statement. I thought at the time – “Now that’s a cause that I could give my life to!”