Last year I was challenged by the teaching of Richard Green at a conference of church leaders in Washington.

A few years ago, Deanne and I took a few weeks vacation during the summer with our kids. When we came back to our church the next Sunday, I got up to preach and was interrupted in my sermon.

Often when I ask Christians if they know anyone that needs to be discipled they think of a new Christian. Somehow in America we have adopted the idea that “discipleship” is for new believers.

One of my best friends, Karl Teichert, is a missionary with OC International in South Africa. Karl and Jenny were part of the team that helped start Lake Hills Church in Castaic nearly 20 years ago.

A “no” uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a “yes” merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.

Here is a simple explanation of the word missional

I love assessing church planters. I believe that it is a vitally important step in the design phase of starting a new church. Without assessing a potential church planter, it is difficult to predict if he will be effective in planting a new church.

I love coaching leaders. I had a great coaching appointment this morning with a church planter who actually took action steps since our last appointment. That was extremely satisfying.

At a recent meeting with pastors in Fort Collins, Colorado, I had the opportunity to lead a conversation that focused on living missionally. One of the pastors, Ben Yarbro, made this insightful statement:

Running alone is good! Running with others is better!