To embody the mission and message of Jesus requires that one’s heart be submitted fully to Jesus. Those things that matter most to Jesus must matter to us. Therefore, the CROSS, COMMUNITY, and CULTURE must be valued in the heart of every believer.

DNA is crucial to the health and function of a body. It is also critical for the health and mission of the Body of Christ. Neil Cole warns against subtracting from the DNA.

Jesus knew His mission. He knew why the Father sent Him into the world. He aligned Himself with this mission. Everything that He did, everything that He taught, everything that is recorded of His life in the Gospels was focused on accomplishing the mission for which He was sent.

Christians live the mission of Jesus in the world by embodying the gospel wherever they go.

Here is a simple explanation of the word missional—it describes being a missionary everywhere you are! It is about doing missions—aligning your life with the redemptive mission of Jesus in the world.

Every Christian needs to align with the mission of Jesus!

I saw both of these videos at the National New Church Conference in Orlando in April. I think they do a good job of pointing out the tension that exists between the established, institutional church and new forms of church today.

For my doctoral dissertation on Missional Transformation, I provided a glossary of key terms. I hope that posting it here will be helpful to those who are joining in the missional conversation. Please give feedback on terms and ideas – those with which you agree or disagree.

I wish you could have been there! My father-in-law shot this short video (42 sec) of me as I received my hood.

Here is my dissertation abstract: