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Martin Robinson believes that the Church in the Western world finds itself in deep crisis. Not only is there a fundamental decline in church membership and attendance, but something more fundamental has been taking place in the second half of the twentieth century.

Too many churches in America are failing to make disciples of non-disciples. The mission of many churches is internally focused on more people, more money, and more buildings, rather than externally focused on the mission of Jesus.

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As I read the interesting discussion/debate among bloggers concerning missional activities and the meaning of the term “missional”–there is a curious observation to be made. Many Christians talk about participating in missional activity as if it were a choice you had.

Here are some random musings on missional Christianity:

As I’ve been posting on being a missionalist, I’ve asked myself, “Why am I a missionalist?” Here is my answer…

I am a missionalist. To me, every believer is a missionary. The Church is missionary. Christians are God’s missionary people. I agree with Craig Van Gelder when he said: “The church is missionary by nature because God has sent it on a mission in the world under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Christianity needs missionalists – and lots of them!!!

To fully embody the mission of Jesus, Christians today need to experience Missional Transformation

I am a Missionalist — This realization hit me last week!

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